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Emanuel Galati: Academic Journey From Studies in Milan to Vilnius University
10 Jun 2024

Emanuel Galati, an Italian student, started his academic education by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He then was offered Erasmus scholarships to pursue his master studies either in Lithuania or Brazil and, finally, was admitted to partial studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Vilnius University (VU).

While Studying in Lithuania, Estela Has Travelled the World: She Shares Her Favourite Place to Study
6 Jun 2024

Estela Marcinkevičiūtė, a third-year student of International Business at the Business School of Vilnius University (VU), has had a rather atypical academic journey. Her three years of studies and student life have been full of adventures, academic challenges, and extraordinary cultural experiences at three universities in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Future Master Students: Apply for Arqus Talent Scholarship 2024
29 May 2024

As members of The “Arqus” European University Alliance, VU is happy to announce that our applicants for Master’s degree studies could apply for the Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund.

Citizens of the EU and EFTA Countries Can Apply for a State-Funded Study Place in Lithuania
13 May 2024

International students from the member countries of the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) can be admitted to state-funded places via a competitive admission process in accordance with the procedures established by the applicable legislation.

Don’t Miss Out: Apply to Vilnius University Now
2 May 2024

Thinking of advancing your education with a degree that carries international weight? Here’s why you should act fast and consider Vilnius University, Lithuania’s oldest and most distinguished institution, with applications closing on July 1st.

Join Admissions webinar: Study at Vilnius University
15 Apr 2024

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and get your questions answered by our specialists.
Date: May 29
Time: 17:00 (EEST)
Where: Online

Real Experience. Inspiring Discoveries. Become a Vilnius University Student for a Day
8 Apr 2024

Registration for the traditional event Student for a Day at Vilnius University (VU) has begun. This year, VU offers real experiences and inspiring discoveries for high school students and those interested in studying at VU, inviting them to get to know the prominent study programmes.

PhD Candidate Mahyar Kamali Saraji: I Have Found a Career Path That Allows Me to Pursue My Passions
9 Jan 2024

An academic journey might span continents and shape a narrative that exemplifies the global nature of intellectual pursuits. PhD Candidate and Researcher of Vilnius University (VU) in the field of Energy Economics Mahyar Kamali Saraji shares his experience of an individual career path led by passions for critical thinking, writing, and reviewing. The scholar feels fortunate to find himself in an environment full of curious, inventive and visionary people and sees it as an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through his written contributions.

Vilnius Is among the World’s Top Student Cities and Holds the First Position in Terms of Living Costs
22 Nov 2023

The global network “The Campus Advisor”, providing evaluations of universities worldwide, today announced “Top 50 Student Cities in the World for 2023”. Based on a detailed analysis of ratings and reviews collected from higher education students, this year, Vilnius is recognised as the 35th most attractive city for students worldwide and secured first place in the lowest cost of living category.

Recognition by the World Federation for Medical Education of Vilnius University Study Programme in Medicine
14 Nov 2023

From 2024, diplomas awarded at the Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University will be recognised without any restrictions in the USA, Israel, Singapore and other non-EU countries. This was announced by the administration of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) after receiving approval for this accreditation from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

VU Students – International Runners-Up at the iGEM Synthetic Biology Competition
9 Nov 2023

The name of Lithuania was firmly placed on the map at iGEM, an international, prestigious synthetic biology competition. This year was the ninth year that VU students have taken part in the competition, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On 2–5 November, the Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM team participated in this year’s final held in Paris; the team was recognised among the best, taking second place.

Choosing in Global World: United States Universities or Vilnius University?
23 Oct 2023

In 2022, the Global Marketing programme at Vilnius University’s (VU) Faculty of Economics and Business Administration received acclaim as Lithuania’s leading marketing programme. This curriculum places a strong emphasis on both traditional and digital marketing, equipping students to assess business opportunities and thrive in today’s interconnected global society. Global marketing cultivates specialists skilled in analysing markets, devising marketing plans, executing campaigns, and managing logistics, both locally and in a cross-cultural context.
David Jordan Guerra, a current student of Global Marketing from the United States, has chosen to share his insights into the study programme from an international student’s perspective.

Why Become a VU Student for a Day?
9 Oct 2023

Registration is now open for Vilnius University’s event, Student for a Day. This experience isn’t just for school pupils; it’s for anyone curious about higher education, regardless of age or background, including international students. It offers a chance to immerse yourself in the world of academia, discover what being a student entails, and explore the intriguing study programs that might capture your interest.

Choosing VU: A Student's Journey into International and European Law
27 Sept 2023

In this exclusive interview with Divya, a current student from India at Vilnius University Faculty of Law, she provides insights into her experiences within the faculty and sheds light on the revamped Master of International and European Law programme, which has been a resounding success for over a decade. This programme offers three distinct tracks: International Law and Human Rights, Tech Law, and Business Law, reflecting the ever-growing relevance of international and European legal norms in our increasingly globalized world. As Divya shares her journey and perspectives, we delve into the essential role played by this programme in shaping legal experts and professionals with a profound understanding of international and European legal systems. Join us in exploring Divya’s unique insights and experiences in the dynamic world of Law studies.

Admissions are open!
1 Sept 2023

Apply now and prepare easily for the next year. Starting the new academic year, we are waiting for your applications for the next year’s studies starting September.

Alumna Story in Her Own Words: English Studies Propelled My Growth as a Confident and Proficient Teacher
20 Jun 2023

Zehra Yilmaz, an English teacher from Turkey, decided to embark on a journey toward a Master’s degree in English Studies at the Faculty of Philology, Vilnius University. Throughout her academic pursuit, she embraced the opportunity to immerse herself in a multicultural academic environment, which not only broadened her understanding of language, literature, and culture but also ignited a multitude of new ideas for her teaching career. Reflecting on her transformative experience, Zehra Yilmaz confidently asserts that her studies in English have significantly elevated her teaching abilities, positioning her as an outstanding and impactful educator.

Apply for Arqus Talent Scholarship! (Master Studies Only)
10 May 2023

As members of The “Arqus” European University Alliance, we are happy to announce that our applicants for Master’s degree studies could apply for the Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund.

Why International Communication at VU?
8 May 2023

Hear the current students, alumni and professors’ stories about International Communication Master’s degree studies.
Learn what you could gain from the studies for your future career and for your everyday life.

Vilnius University Invites You to Become a Student for a Day
3 Apr 2023

Registration for the traditional Vilnius University event Become VU Student for a Day has begun. During this event, you will have the opportunity to try out a student chair, experience how studies are conducted at a higher education institution, and learn more about the study programmes of your interest.

VU Study Programmes Make It to the Global QS Rankings
28 Mar 2023

The latest QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 announced the results of Vilnius University’s (VU) fields of study. VU ranked in three out of five broad subjects. In Arts and Humanities, the University’s position has risen to 364th this year (401–450 in 2022). In Natural (ranked 401–450) and Social (ranked 401–450) sciences, VU has been ranked among the top 450 of the world’s top 1,594 universities for three years in a row now.

Join webinars – save your time to get answers
18 Mar 2023

Vilnius University organises free webinars on study programmes for everyone who is considering choosing studies at Vilnius University.

Applying to Vilnius University
2 Jan 2023

Academic ability and intellectual curiosity are the things that Vilnius University students have in common. As one of the oldest and most prominent higher education institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, we welcome students from all over the world. More than 21,400 students study at Vilnius University. Thus, we offer study programmes from various academic disciplines: Natural Sciences, Technological Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

To make a competitive application from January 1, follow the steps below:

Ten Years of International Students at VU Faculty of Medicine. Why Do Internationals Choose to Study Here?
23 Dec 2022

In 2022, as many as 4,228 students started the academic year at the Faculty of Medicine (867 are studying bachelor’s programmes, 337 are in master’s programmes, 2,056 are in integral programmes, 821 are in residency programmes, 151 are in doctoral programmes). Within these numbers, the faculty hosts 674 students from abroad. This figure is particularly encouraging because the faculty, which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of its international studies programmes, has never had so many students from abroad.

VU Tops the Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions Ranking by Subject
7 Dec 2022

The latest subject rankings of the country’s educational institutions were published today. Vilnius University (VU) was the best performer in the ranking, as it is every year – the University was declared the leader in more than one-third of the evaluated bachelor’s degree programmes and almost half of the master’s degree programmes. This year, VU has improved its position in 7 bachelor’s and 5 master’s study fields.

VU Invites Everyone to Become a Student for a Day
10 Oct 2022

A traditional event of the Vilnius University (VU) Student for a Day will take place on October 24-28. Lectures will take place in the auditoriums of VU faculties remotely and face-to-face, where everyone can step into the shoes of VU students, experience how studies at a higher school take place and get acquainted with exciting study programs and the admission procedure.

Politics and Imagination: Where Are Political Visions Born, and Why Does Society Need Them?
26 Sept 2022

Statistics show that in 2020, almost 80% of Americans followed political news closely or very closely. The public’s interest in political news proves the importance of politics in the lives of individuals, countries, and the world. Paradoxically, political reality is intrinsically linked to the political imagination. Where, how and in what relationship do they intertwine, where are political visions born, and when does wild fantasy turn into populism? Dominykas Kaminskas, a PhD student in Political Science at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of VU, discussed the topic on the Vilnius University podcast “Mokslas Be Pamokslų.”

How Does Education Determine One’s Future Income?
8 Aug 2022

After interviewing the Master’s students at Vilnius University, it became clear that a desire to deepen their knowledge of certain subjects, as well as to receive better and higher positions at work and to work in a field related to their studies, were usually the factors motivating them to pursue a Master’s degree. Among the less frequently mentioned reasons for choosing to enter into Master’s degree studies were a desire to change their field of work or to earn more money after receiving their diploma.

VU Reiterated a Record-High Position: University Makes It to the Top 400 World Universities
10 Jun 2022

Vilnius University (VU) has maintained the highest rating that it received last year among Lithuanian higher education institutions, ranking 400th in the latest QS World University Rankings. VU’s position remained unchanged, even after the inclusion of 124 additional higher education institutions in the QS Rankings this year.

Mariam Kasradze: Vilnius university was a start for my academic and professional life
16 May 2022

“I was looking for a specific Master’s degree program that would be interesting for me and I found International Business Management Master studies at the Kaunas Faculty. During the studies, I started going into the details of the main research topic that I am still working on now, and I find it quite exciting” – states Mariam Kasradze, a PhD student of the Kaunas Faculty. She came from Georgia and has been a member of Kaunas Faculty community for 3 years.

Vilnius University Remains the Best University in the Country
11 May 2022

Vilnius University (VU) is the best university in Lithuania. This was announced for the eighth time by the National Ranking of Education and Higher Education Institutions, which is published annually by the magazine “Reitingai”. This year, VU scored 71.89 points out of 100 possible. The University scored the highest employers rating, and VU alumni enjoy the biggest demand in the labour market.

Honorary Doctorates of Vilnius University Awarded to Three Eminent International Scholars
9 May 2022

Three distinguished scholars, Professor Bruno Robert (France), Professor Andrew Bush (United Kingdom), and Professor Thomas Chung-Kuang Yang (Taiwan), will be inaugurated as Honorary Doctors of Vilnius University (VU) at Saint Johns’ Church on 10 May, at 3.00 p.m. They are recognized for their close scholarly ties with Vilnius University in the fields of medicine, biophysics, and chemical engineering.

Student Dennis Osah Jnr: "I can confidently say that my studies in Lithuania had an impact on my future goals"
6 May 2022

“I always wanted to study International Business Management, so I went to the University website and searched for their available courses; I saw the course I wanted and immediately applied”, – states second-year Master’s student Dennis Osah Jnr from Nigeria. We invite you to learn more about the Vilnius university Kaunas Faculty student, his experience in Lithuania and what he thinks about studying.

Studying Abroad in Five Words According to Graduate of Kaunas Faculty Aniket Chauhan: “Collaboration, Excitement, Culture, Friends, Opportunities”
3 May 2022

This is Aniket Chauhan from New Delhi, India, a graduate of the Bachelor’s programme in Information systems and Cyber Security at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty. We are glad that he agreed to talk about his choice to study in a foreign country, his impressions of Lithuania, the community of Kaunas Faculty, his future plans and other things, which we think will interest the reader. We invite you to learn more about A. Chauhan.

Five Reasons Why it is Worth Attending Student for a Day Events
15 Apr 2022

“There were a lot of study choices and wishes, so the considerations were not simple and took time, but I still have no regrets about my choice. I made the decision regarding the study program I wish to attend after consulting with close family members and teachers,” says Dominyka Goldbergaitė, a journalism student at Vilnius University.

Vilnius University Improves its Results in the International Ranking of Study Fields
7 Apr 2022

Vilnius University (VU) has risen in the latest subject ranking of the world’s universities QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 and is currently among the 450 best universities in the world in three fields of study (last year, the university was among 500 best universities). Based on the number of collected points, physical sciences remain the best-rated field of science and studies at the university, while linguistics is the highest-rated field of science and studies at Vilnius University. This year’s ranking also assessed three new fields of science and studies at VU, two rose to a higher position.

Students from Ukraine Begin Their Studies at Vilnius University
6 Apr 2022

In response to Russia’s aggression and hostilities in Ukraine, Vilnius University (VU) offered the Ukrainian academic community and students assistance and the opportunity to continue their studies in Lithuania. VU offers free studies and financial support – the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Scholarship worth €300, as well as other financial and psychological assistance to students already studying here and transferring from Ukrainian universities to VU.

Arqus Approves 2 New Joint Master's Programmes
5 Apr 2022

The Arqus Alliance has launched two new Joint Study Programmes on “European Studies” and “Translation and Interpreting”. The agreements for both programmes were ratified in a special signature ceremony held on 4th April during the Arqus Annual Conference 2022 in Padua.

Let’s change the world with IIRPS VU!
25 Mar 2022

The Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University is glad to announce the development of a new bachelor’s programme in English, named “Politics of Global Challenges”.

Vilnius University launched a targeted support project to help the Ukrainian academic community
17 Mar 2022

Expressing support for the state and people of Ukraine and responding to recent events, Vilnius University (VU) offers free education and financial assistance to Ukrainian students if their higher education aspirations are disrupted. Support action for the Ukrainian academic community has also begun.

VU Invites Students to a Virtual Study Fair
2 Mar 2022

Vilnius University (VU) has opened registration to a virtual fair for students from Lithuania and abroad. The education fair will be held on such an interactive platform for the first time in Lithuania on March 18-19.

Record-High VU Position: University Makes it to the Top 400 World Universities
3 Jan 2022

In the latest QS World University Rankings 2022, Vilnius University (VU) took a record high position and for the first time, ranked 400th in this ranking.

VU Opens Admission of International Students and Offers 60 International Study Programmes
30 Dec 2021

Vilnius University (VU) has started the admission of international students. In 2022, VU offers its international students a total of 16 bachelor’s study programmes, 42 master’s degree programmes and 2 integrated study programmes.

VU Improves its Position in the Country’s University Rankings by Subject
8 Dec 2021

Vilnius University (VU) improved its results and confidently maintains the leading position among the universities in the higher education institutions ranking by subject published today. VU leads in more than a third of bachelor’s and full-time (35) and almost half (38) of master’s degree fields. Compared to the last year, VU has improved its positions in 5 bachelor’s and 7 master’s study fields.

Construction of the Vilnius University Research Center in the Santara Valley Begins
2 Dec 2021

On 3 December (Friday) at 12.30 PM, the construction of a modern Research Center of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine will officially begin with the symbolic capsule burial ceremony in Vilnius Santara Valley, next to the already operating Vilnius University (VU) Hospital Santaros Klinikos.

VU Team Wins a Gold Medal and Additional Prizes at an International Competition iGEM
15 Nov 2021

The Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM team of students from Vilnius University (VU) took part in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition held in Paris on 4-14 November, and once again gained worldwide recognition by winning a gold medal. The team was nominated for 12 additional prizes and won two of them – for the best measurement and educational activities.

Vilnius University Invites to Become a Student for a Day
8 Nov 2021

Registration for the annual event Student for a Day organized by Vilnius University (VU) has begun. This year, the event will take place on 15-26 November and continue for two weeks. All those interested and curious will get the chance to see how lectures at higher education institutions work, learn more about the study programmes of interest and the admission procedures.

Vilnius University has been invited to join the Development of the State Progress Strategy
25 Oct 2021

Vilnius University was officially invited to participate in the development of the State Progress Strategy at the inaugural event held at the MO Museum of Modern Art on Monday. This strategy will seek to provide guidelines for Lithuania’s development until 2050.

Prestigious Scientific Journal Nature Publishes Publication by VU Scientists
8 Oct 2021

The prestigious science journal Nature has published an article by scientists at Vilnius University (VU) Life Sciences Center “Transposon-associated TnpB is a Programmable RNA-guided DNA Endonuclease”. With this study, VU scientists answered the question of the role of the TnpB protein in the activity of mobile genetic elements and showed that those proteins could be applied in practice as new tools for genome editing.

Vilnius University Hosts the 2021 Arqus Annual Conference
17 Sept 2021

From 5th to 7th October 2021, Vilnius University (VU) will host the 2021 Annual Conference of the Arqus European University Alliance. Key executives, rectors of Alliance universities, international experts in higher education and research, and representatives of EU higher education policy will gather in Vilnius for the first in-person event of this kind. VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas is pleased to invite the guests to discuss the Alliance’s achievements and future perspectives at VU, where the President of France Emmanuel Macron, the author of the idea of European university integration, was recently awarded an honorary doctorate.

Vilnius University Tops the List of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions
20 May 2021

Vilnius University (VU) was named the best Lithuanian higher education institution for the eighth time in a row. This year, VU scored 74.43 points out of a total of 100 (64.09 last year) in the ranking of education and higher education institutions traditionally compiled by the magazine “Reitingai”. VU is a leader in three of the five areas assessed: academic achievements, added value created by alumni and employer evaluation, and studies and students.

VU Business School together with CERN is changing the traditional study model
19 Apr 2021

Artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, electromobiles or quantum computers are the next generation technology innovations the world is focusing on today. They change not only industry, but also the lives of each of us and future generations.

Scholarships for LLM in International and European Law
25 Mar 2021

The scholarship covers a full or half cost of the tuition fee based on the academic results, motivation and recommendations.

Call for Applications for Lithuanian State Scholarships Programme
10 Mar 2021

Apply for a Scholarship for Full-Time Master’s Degree! Funding under the call will be provided to the citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Moldova Ukraine and foreigners of Lithuanian origin from non-EU and EFTA countries.

VU Improves its Position in the Country’s University Rankings by Subject
10 Dec 2020

For the seventh time Vilnius University (VU) maintains a leading position in the rankings by subject published by the “Rankings” journal. VU is the first in 30 academic fields of bachelor and integrated studies and as many as 35 academic fields of master degree studies. Compared to the previous year, VU has improved its positions in 2 bachelor and 1 master study fields.

Vilnius University Launches a Support Campaign for Belarusian Students and Scholars Who Have Experienced Persecution of the Regime
20 Nov 2020

Vilnius University (VU), together with the Vilnius University Foundation, has started a fundraising campaign to give access to studies for a larger number of Belarusian citizens to study and is ready to accept scientists persecuted by the regime too. The campaign is launched in response to the intensifying Belarusian authorities’ repression against the country’s academic community, with large numbers of students, teachers and researchers being expelled from universities for their civic or political activities.

Vilnius University Maintains High Positions in the “Times Higher Education” Rankings by Subject
28 Oct 2020

In the annual “Times Higher Education’s” (“THE”) rankings by subject, which evaluate 1512 institutions from all over the world according to different academic fields, Vilnius University (VU) is ranked in four new positions this year and maintains a high ranking in the field of Life Sciences.

New Academic Year at Vilnius University- Changes in the Study Process and Innovative Distance Learning Methods
2 Sept 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, that broke out in the world in the spring, adapting to remote working and learning very rapidly was necessary even though there was not enough time to prepare properly for the arising challenges. Therefore, as the new academic year approaches Vilnius University (VU) takes into account the possibility of the recurrence of possible threats: new study methods are adopted, various learning tools are applied and the needs of the community of VU are being considered. VU Vice-Rector for Studies Dr Valdas Jaskūnas says that if the situation worsens, VU is ready to proceed with distance learning.

Vilnius University to Offer Free Studies and Scholarships to Belarusian Students
21 Aug 2020

Seeking to express solidarity with the people of Belarus and supporting the democratic aspirations of the citizens of the neighbouring country, Vilnius University (VU) has decided to establish the Grand Duchy of Lithuania scholarships for the most gifted applicants from Belarus. This would enable Belarusian students to study at VU free of charge and be provided with additional financial incentives. VU will also offer the opportunity for Belarusian students who are persecuted for civil and political reasons to transfer their studies to VU.

Motivation Letter Writing
1 Jul 2020

Are you stuck with writing your motivation letter?

Remote Lectures Made me Study Harder
30 Jun 2020

Jesumine Anagbo Temienor has just received his Master’s degree in Geology and is determined to follow the academic path.

Vilnius University Is Improving its Position in the Global Rating of the QS World University Rankings
11 Jun 2020

Today, the latest rating of the world’s top universities QS World University Ranking 2021 was published, in which Vilnius University (VU) maintains its leading position. Having jumped up by 35 positions, the VU is rated 423 and has been among 500 world’s top universities for five years in a row.

Five Scholarships for Bachelor Students of International Business Programme
10 Jun 2020

Five one-time scholarships equal of 500 Eur each for the most motivated and competent international students applying to Bachelor programme of International Business are offered by Vilnius University Business School.

The Faculty of Law Announces Three Tracks in the International and European Law Master's Programme
5 Jun 2020

In the academic year 2020/21, the students admitted to the Master’s in International and European Law programme at Vilnius University will have an option to choose from three distinctive tracks: International and Human Rights, Tech Law and Business Law.

VU Business School Shows Solidarity by Adjusting the Tuition Prices of Masters Studies
14 May 2020

In response to a current difficult situation of the economy caused by COVID-19 pandemic, Vilnius University Business School decided to reduce the tuition fees of its Masters study programmes.

Vilnius University Tops the List of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions
8 May 2020

Vilnius University (VU) is the top university in Lithuania, according to the Lithuanian university rating announced for the seventh year in a row. In the ranking of the country’s higher education institutions, compiled by the magazine Reitingai, this year VU scored 64.09 points out of a total 100. VU is highest rated in the areas of academic achievement and study. VU attracts the largest number of the most gifted school leavers in Lithuania.

2020 Admission FAQ Amid Covid-19
27 Apr 2020

Vilnius University staff is closely monitoring covid-19 situation to ensure the well-being and health of current and prospective students as well as continuation of quality education.

Lithuanian State Grants to study for a Masters Degree
24 Apr 2020

Do not miss an opportunity to apply for the Lithuanian State Grant to study for a Masters degree. You can submit your application before 8 May 2020. Information how the apply can be found here .

Attention Medicine and Odontology Applicants- Changes to SAT Requirement
20 Apr 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 6th of June, 2020 SAT Subject Test in Biology was canceled (please see the official College Board website).

Vilnius University Marks its 441st Birthday
1 Apr 2020

Today, on the 1st of April, Vilnius University (VU) is celebrating its 441st birthday. After commemorating a major anniversary last year, this, one of the oldest universities in Europe, is still playing a key role in developing and applying mankind’s most advanced technologies not only in Lithuania, but worldwide.

Tuition Fee Waiver Offered by the Institute of International Relations and Political Science
23 Mar 2020

Tuition waiver will be awarded to the most motivated and competent international non-EU/EEA student applying for Master’s degree programme of Eastern European and Russian studies. This scholarship only covers the full cost of the tuition fee.

Vilnius University Maintains Its Position in the Global QS Rankings by Subject
19 Mar 2020

The latest QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020 published the results of Vilnius University (VU) study fields. VU is evaluated in three out of five subject areas and in 32 out of 48 subjects – two more than last year. 22 of them improved this year. Natural Sciences remain the strongest field at VU, and new fields of study are included in the ranking.

Application Deadline for International Students Extended to 1 August 2020
18 Mar 2020

Recognising that due to coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak world-wide, prospective applicants might experience delay in taking necessary exams and receiving high school or undergraduate diplomas, Vilnius University will accept applications until 1 August 2020.

Tuition Fee Waiver for Full-time Master Degree Studies
16 Mar 2020

Tuition waiver will be awarded to the most motivated and competent international non-EU/EEA students applying for Vilnius University Master programmes taught in English or Russian language. This scholarship covers the full cost of the tuition fee of the selected Master’s study programme.

Vilnius University Diversity and Equal Opportunities Strategy 2020-2025 Was Praised by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson
12 Mar 2020

Vilnius University Diversity and Equal Opportunities Strategy 2020-2025 received 3 Equal Opportunities Wings, which is the highest evaluation.

Lithuanian Universities Signed Agreement on Climate Change- More Investments in Scientific Research and Awareness Raising
6 Mar 2020

Reacting to the challenges of global climate change, Lithuanian universities signed an agreement committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to evaluate university campuses’ resistance to climate change and develop climate change scientific research. In addition, the universities tasked themselves to include climate change questions in their study programmes, actively raise public awareness and strengthen the role of scientists in the policy decision making.

Vilnius University Exceeded My Expectations
3 Mar 2020

Ketevani Tatikiani, Master’s student in Eastern European and Russian Studies, tells the programme fully met her interests and she was thinking about research and academic career for the future.

Receiving the Scholarship Was Crucial
17 Feb 2020

“This scholarship played a crucial role for my decision to continue my studies at Vilnius University.” Javokhir Kholmatov received tuition fee waiver to pursue LLM in International and European Union Law.

Special Scholarship Offered by The Faculty of Law
12 Feb 2020

Scholarships for Ukrainian, Moldovian, Belarusian, Georgian and Kazakh students applying to Master’s programme of International and European Union Law.

Study at Vilnius University Webinar
23 Jan 2020

We asked our current international students to share their experience so you can hear first-hand about studies at Vilnius University and ask questions.

I Want to Inspire Others to Learn Languages
6 Jan 2020

Gustavo Rassati de Oliveira is a bachelor student at the Faculty of Philology pursuing English and Another Foreign Language (Russian) degree. He is Italian by ancestry and grew up in Brazil.

While Being the Oldest Faculty for Law Studies in Lithuania, It Offers Modern Teaching Approach
3 Jan 2020

“While being the oldest faculty for law studies in Lithuania, the teaching approach is modern and the environment is very international which I enjoy the most.”

New Masters in Molecular Biotechnologies Programme Swaps Traditional Lectures for Project-Based Learning
3 Jan 2020

A project-based learning, motivation and freedom of choice in education are the key components in a modern education system. You can find these and more unique features in the new Master’s in Molecular Biotechnology programme at Vilnius University Life Sciences Centre (VU LSC).

I Liked Vilnius University for the Quality of Education
30 Dec 2019

“IT world is constantly growing, I’m learning new things and I’ve improved my programming skills greatly studying here”.

New Technologies Law Programme Launches Next Year
30 Dec 2019

Law and technology always go hand in hand – technologies shape the future of the legal profession and any discussion on technology must involve acknowledgement and consideration of the legal framework in which it operates. The clear-cut division between law and technology has clearly faded away. This is where Vilnius University (VU) Faculty of Law takes action – the new master’s programme Technologies Law (TechLaw) is launching next year.

Lithuania and Vilnius is Like Home Far Away From Home
15 Nov 2019

“Lithuania and Vilnius is like home far away from home”. Kunal Banerjee from India is a Master’s student on a Finance and Banking programme.

Culture and Communication Is My Passion
28 Oct 2019

“I really appreciate the unique and modern teaching approach, openness to our creative ideas, huge diversity of culture and communication with my groupmates and professors from all over the world”.

Vilnius University Holds a Stable Position among the Region's Top 20
25 Oct 2019

In the QS University Rankings: Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA) released this week, Vilnius University (VU) holds a stable position among the top 20 universities and is a leader among the ranked universities in Lithuania.

I See Vilnius University as One Family
23 Oct 2019

“I see Vilnius University as one family”. Clara Chiemeka Dimudu is a fourth year student of Management bachelor programme at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

QS Graduate Employability Rankings
19 Sept 2019

QS Graduate Employability Rankings are released today.

Vilnius University makes a leap forward in the newest World University Rankings
25 Jun 2019

Vilnius University (VU) strengthened its ranking in QS World University Rankings 2020 by 30 positions and now holds 458th place worldwide. VU is also ranked the highest among other Lithuanian higher education institutions and is the only one to improve its stance in this year’s evaluation results.

A unique programme for a modern specialist
12 Apr 2019

From September 2018 Vilnius University (VU) has offered a unique international Systems Biology Master’s programme in English. It is a joint programme of three VU faculties – the Life Science Center, the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics and the Faculty of Medicine. The coordinator of the Programme, a professor of the Faculty of Medicine, dr. Audronė Jakaitienė says that “this study program is so unique, that it is not offered in any other higher education institution in Lithuania or other Baltic states”.