Apply for Arqus Talent Scholarship! (Master Studies Only)

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As members of The “Arqus” European University Alliance, we are happy to announce that our applicants for Master’s degree studies could apply for the Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund.

The “Arqus” Talent Scholarship Fund is designed to attract and retain talent at the postgraduate level from around the world.

The scholarship is composed of a subsistence allowance of 1,400€/month to cover the student’s living costs, medical insurance and a materials allowance.

In addition, the “Arqus” Talent Scholarship Fund will cover the tuition fee at the student’s entrance to university.

The “Arqus” European University Alliance would also like to support students with fewer opportunities under this scholarship scheme by providing a special needs fund of 250€/month.

Priority will be given to students with fewer opportunities, refugees/asylum seekers and applicants with a Bachelor’s degree not obtained at the “Arqus” university where they will undertake the Master’s degree or where they are currently enrolled.
For more information, please visit “Arqus” website.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to
The applications are open from 3rd May to 3rd July 2023 (23:59 CEST).

Link to the online application form.

10 May 2023