Vilnius University Remains the Best University in the Country

Photo illustrating the news item

Vilnius University (VU) is the best university in Lithuania. This was announced for the eighth time by the National Ranking of Education and Higher Education Institutions, which is published annually by the magazine “Reitingai”. This year, VU scored 71.89 points out of 100 possible. The University scored the highest employers rating, and VU alumni enjoy the biggest demand in the labour market.

VU is a leader in three of the five areas assessed: academic achievements, added value created by alumni, employer evaluation, and studies and students.

There is a significant gap between VU and other higher education institutions in the country in the field of scientificity and achievements of academic staff, where the university stands out with an abundance of publications in the fields of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The indicators were calculated based on data from the Research Council of Lithuania, the National Board for Education, and universities.

Just like last year, VU scored the highest employers rating. The survey showed that over 85% of employers positively assess VU students’ preparation for the labour market, and the graduates’ knowledge and skills. Therefore, VU alumni enjoy the biggest demand in the labour market and, on average, the highest annual salary.

Managing Partner at executive search company Master Class Lietuva Laura Duksaitė-Iškauskienė discussed employers’ needs and noted that they highly value the quality education of their future employees. We noticed that “if employers choose from several candidates, they prefer VU graduates to students from competing universities.”

For many years now, VU has been attracting the most talented Lithuanian students. Furthermore, it has the largest number of doctoral study fields and places, as well as the largest number of accredited study programs taught in a foreign language.

This year’s ranking of Lithuanian higher education institutions rated universities according to 37 parameters divided into 5 major criteria: scientificity and highest achievements of academic staff, added value created by alumni and employer evaluations, number of students and quality of studies, current and future academic staff, and international competition (internationality).

Since 2014 The national ranking of higher education institutions compiled by the magazine “Reitingai” is published twice a year (in May and December). Lithuanian higher education institutions have been evaluated in the national ranking before. Throughout that time, VU remained at the top of the country’s rankings.

11 May 2022