Arqus Approves 2 New Joint Master's Programmes

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The Arqus Alliance has launched two new Joint Study Programmes on “European Studies” and “Translation and Interpreting”. The agreements for both programmes were ratified in a special signature ceremony held on 4th April during the Arqus Annual Conference 2022 in Padua.

With these new Joint Study Programmes, Arqus reinforces its commitment to student-centered and research-based learning through joint and flexible curricula. The design of the programmes has involved a common perspective of the Arqus universities on the curriculum and its implementation as well as on the evaluation and accreditation procedures and processes.

The jointly developed programme Arqus Joint Master´s Programme “European studies” was established to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of Europe’s role in the world, drawing on a range of approaches in the social sciences and the humanities. It provides for an assessment of the relationship between Europeanisation and globalization, the impact of global developments on Europe, and the changing role of the continent in the new world order. It considers European people, governments, companies, and civil society as global actors. The Agreement for the implementation of this programme will be signed by four Arqus universities: University of Granada, University of Graz, Leipzig University and Vilnius University.

The jointly prepared programme consists of 120 ECTS which corresponds to a minimum study period of four semesters. This programme will be organized entirely in English, and all examinations can also be taken in English. However, students will be encouraged to take additional courses in languages other than English and, in this way, further deepen their multilingualism.

The second one is the Arqus Joint Master´s Programme “Translation & Interpreting”. This programme is a double degree study programme that looks for involving emerging different approaches to Translation and Translation studies, enhancing collaboration between Arqus universities and providing future graduates with a broader vision of this discipline, ensuring their smooth integration into the international labour market.

This Joint Study Programme promotes mobility in the context of a well-structured and rich study programme. It provides graduates with advanced international training experience. Two of the awarding universities (University of Granada and Vilnius University) are part of the European Master’s in Translation (EMT) network so that they can bring their expertise and experience in training translation graduates following the EMT competence framework.

This Master’s programme also comprises 120 ECTS, which corresponds to a minimum study period of four semesters. The partner universities that will sign the Agreement for this programme are: University of Granada, Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, University of Padua and Vilnius University.

5 Apr 2022